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I went on a Twitter purge today. It was all down to something I noticed last night, I’d reached a tipping point where it was becoming difficult to maintain a meaningful amount of data coming in.

I’m not on Twitter to data mine, I changed my mind about that a few weeks ago. But out of the 146 people I was following, how many was I having a contract of information with? About four all in all. To be fair I’ve made some new contacts in Northern Ireland, creatives that I didn’t know existed etc. The rest was just turning into link bait, shameless advertising and pointless content. It’s creating content for contents sake.

What got me thinking? Well I had about fifteen alerts from Twitter saying that folk had added me, why had then added me? No idea, more than likely to bump the numbers up and not based on anything I was actually saying. So why am I adding folk I don’t really know, what value are they adding to my knowledge? Very little, so I went on a purge.

It’s not just limited to Twitter, I found the same with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Bebo. How many of these contacts are actually meaningful? How many will add value for me in the long turn?

Since the Facebook redesign I hardly log in, only to keep in touch with a handfull of folk that I’d normally talk to (ie, I have already had a face to face conversation with them BEFORE adding them on Facebook).

Back to a simple life I think. Try and reduce the paper in my office, get all the CD’s on to some form of media player. Try and live a bit simpler.