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Perhaps it’s old age creeping in, perhaps it’s just wanting a simpler life (now a reality since I ditched Bebo, my Twitter account will more than likely head the same way).

Next on my list, development tools. Just too many of them, but then again there’s not one day when I know what’s coming. For Java I use Eclipse all the time, have been since 2002 (I even said nice things about them in 2003). The guys at Silktide have got me into PHPEd for all things PHP, though I have to say the installation did kill my Apache 2 config and removed any trace of PHP. Ruby on Rails, uhm this is a problem child at the moment. I swing from Textpad to Komodo Edit 5.0 and then back again.

In an ideal world everything would run off Eclipse. PHPEd doesn’t seem to really create much of the way of PHP code for me. I want a class, I should be able to pull a table from MySQL and it create a class for me. Older versions of Eclipse support a PHP plugin but as I’m on Ganymede a few of the plugins don’t seem to be supported yet. I’m just too cutting edge sometimes. As for Ruby on Rails, RadRails was built on Eclipse but was replaced by Aptana’s Studio (also for Eclipse as a plugin but, alas, not Ganymede).

Taking a tip from David Heinemeier Hansson, code generators or more importantly scaffolds are a way forward for PHP. I’m just wondering if there’s any use in modifying the Ruby scripts to generate PHP code as well as Ruby code?

The purge continues.