Over the years the open source advocates have ebbed and flowed. There are some great products out there that you can download, install and use. Sun Microsystems jumped on the Open Source community and the way that Java was being used to power all this cool enterprise stuff.

Now in 2009 I think it’s really bit Sun on the arse. Apple give us the biggest wave of vendor lock in and it’s a beautiful thing. Developers are willing to pay to get their apps listed on iTunes, willing to let 30% of their revenue go to Apple for everything sold on iTunes. And aside to that Sun turned away from IBM and went with Oracle.

Though Sun boast wonderfully about how the Java Micro Edition (Java ME or J2ME depending on when you started all this) is on over 1 Billion devices worldwide. The big mistake was to leave the consumer out of the equation and just focus on the developer. So now we have a plethora of applications floating around in space. Sun missed the boat but it’s given me an idea.

Onwards and upwards to Open Coffee Derry.