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Okay: here’s a basic list of the things I’m signed up to.

Blogger, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, my Amazon account for something to read etc. Keep in mind I have over ten blogs on various topics, a handful of Twitter accounts and most of my likes/dislikes listed in Facebook and MySpace, and finally my work and professional connections on Linkedin.

Here’s a senario I’d like to see over the next couple of years.

I book a plane ticket. London to New York for arguments sake.

i) As soon as the ticket is booked an email arrives with a few reading suggestions – linked to my Amazon account. Even better, I’m paying a few hundred pounds for my ticket – the airline can pay for a couple of books for me 🙂
ii) From the existing booking list it can see which of my business contacts on Linkedin I’d be travelling with and gives me the option to either network with them at the airport or during the flight.
iii) Be able to figure out what interesting blogs and websites I’d like to see when I’m flying.
iv) Be able to figure out an in flight listening (from last.fm feeds) based on my Facebook/MySpace details and music likes etc.
v) Do I have an iTunes account? Nah, so there’s a good chance that I might like to buy an iPod duty free.

A lot of this can be sourced from one point of contact, an email address. Yeah it’s a bit freaky, perhaps limit it to premium customers. The technology is there….. perhaps I should create a company.