Starting to take over my thoughts quite a lot. The much fanfare of Nokia’s Ovi having 20,000 applications is all very well but they are not just plain applications, there are a lot of feed services weaved into all that as well.

What’s interesting to watch in Java space in regards to applications is the content layer that folk are using. Nokia have Widsets which totally failed to impress me. The best I’ve seen so far is Snaptu, searching around there are claims of a developer API but I can’t find one anywhere. In developing a mobile client for the app store I’d like to have something with a decent look and feel, Snaptu’s interface looks great, I just don’t know how to get my hands on it.

What really excites me is the inclusion of JavaFX into mobile devices. This could turn J2ME’s fortunes around but Sun seriously need to look at the consumer and not heavily focus on the developers. As to what devices will support JavaFX remains to be seen, but I seriously think that this second wave of decent J2ME/FX mobile applications could be a good thing.