Unless your head is stuffed in a vat of marmite you may be aware that Build Conference is going on in Belfast today. I’m not at it…. no need for me to be at it, I’m not designery.

Andy McMillan just posted this on Twitter.

“Girls, Rock ‘n Roll & Design” — Ryan Sims, describing the typical web designer lifestyle at #buildconf

Which now explains everything in webdesign to me. It’s like being in the band, everyone wants to be the lead singer so they can be at the front, pull the chicks and get all the glory 🙂 The real work comes from the rhythm section at the back, the bass player and the drummer (or programmers as I now know them) who just lock in, get on and don’t make a fuss.

And for the record, 24 years of bass playing and the only people I got to wanted to talk about effects pedals and the strings I used (long shiny ones).

It all makes perfect sense to me now…… (yes it’s all tongue and cheek).

Andy’s put on a brilliant conference, well done mate.