There was a time, in days gone by, when we Tweeted a bit, checked our Facebook and then did some serious work with LinkedIn.  The race seems to be to merge three (and many more) separate mediums into one platform of information.Personally I’m doing a good job of keeping them as separate as I can.  First of all you have to define who you really are and for me that causes some interesting crossovers.

  • In York folk really know me as a musician and a software developer.
  • In Limavady folk know me as a photographer and then a musician.
  • In Belfast everyone knows me as a software developer.
  • In Derry everyone knows me as a software developer.

So, where to start.  LinkedIn is for my professional work connections, I’m still less than amused that LinkedIn introduced status updates I rarely use them because I feel that potential contacts aren’t that bothered about what I am doing right this second, more they are interested in what I have done in the last week, month, year etc.Twitter is Twitter and if you ask ten people what it is to them you’ll more that likely get ten different and valid answers.  For me it’s a broadcast medium for those who really want to listen.  My network on Twitter is generally NI based and geared on software development.  No worries if you are a photog or a muso, you can still listen.Facebook….. more social than anything else.  I certainly don’t spend most of my time trying to get any business links through it.  It’s for friends (and one member of the family).