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One bow in the social media expert’s armoury is this notion that you have a potential audience of 350 million users.  I like numbers like this but I do ignore them.  First of all does your product, strartup or offering really have the ability to touch a truely global audience in one go?They are few and far between in my opinion.If you take a startup that’s concentrating on the UK market then you’re user segment is more like 19 million (nearly 6% of the total amount).  Then when you start slicing down the age segments you are in the less than 1% numbers.Hopefully in 2010 we’ll start seeing social media experts starting to get real about the numbers of people that you can realistically reach.For me in 2010 I’m not looking at the “what next”, I’m sure a gathering of technology folk are too.  This will be the year of getting real about what social media is, what is capable of and what you and I can really do with it.