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When I was running This Is Limavady it was at the time of the whole Telehouse nonsense for Project Kelvin.Hibernia Atlantic were promising a 40 millisecond performance increase, citing video as a beneficiary.  Thinking about it a lot more, high frequency trading is really the potential startup to do in Northern Ireland.Some HFT networks can do 10,000 trades a second (that’s 10 every millisecond). A 40 millisecond gain would create 400 trades (one company moved their entire network for such gains so they are important).Now with 365 * 86400 second you get 31,536,000 seconds with an increase of 400 trades a second gives 12,614,400,000 trades.  If each were to make 10p each that’s £1.2 Billion in the back pocket for shandy’s all round.Yeah the numbers are up the spout a bit – but it does make you wonder.