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So what criteria do you go for?  I’ve been racking my brain over the last 24 hours (and I forgot my notebook which didn’t help).Going back to the eHarmony way of doing things.  There’s a ton of spade work already done over many years before they even got to doing any software.  Remember the founder of eHarmony, Neil Clarke Warren, was a marriage counsellor many years previous.I keep going back to eHarmony as it’s the one system I’ve read about time and time again when it came to analytics and data mining.  It uses 261 bits of information and refines that in to its 29 core criteria working on a like for like match basically.So I’m looking for 5000 business partners/CEO’s/entrepreneurs who are will to answer a lot of questions at the start.  Good research if nothing else.5000 * 261 = 1,305,000 bits of information.Meyers Briggs profiles… data, it’s all there. Just need to do something with it.