As free time is a rarity now I don’t get to many events.  March is always a busy month for events and speakers etc. With Showcase and the British Council Lecture with Ben Hammersley I watched them online but chipped in questions and comments via Twitter and networked with the excellent Shhmooze.  

Last week was the Digital Circle launch during the Imagine Create conference in Derry, as DC has been very helpful to me over the last two years I felt it was only right to show my support in person.

Tuesday night was the iFactory Programme Creative Jam event at the Derry Playhouse.  I was encouraged to bring my bass up and jam with Peter Cook.  All a good laugh at the end of the day and some excellent presentations from Fraser Doherty and Paul McElvaney.  

So was the jam self indulgent, yes of course it was.  Was it great fun, definitely and it was just what I needed.

(Many thanks to Mary McKenna for the use of the photo).