Never let a programmer write copy, they’re usually crap at it.  Let programmers do what they do best, hopefully being, program code.  I’m real good at getting coders onside….

Even if your venture is aimed at the technical community it’s still wiser to have a human being, ones who are subjected to daylight once in a while, explain to the rest of what world what the product or service actually does.


I’m willing to assume that most of us in one way or another have been caught in our own little hype cycle of marketing speak, it’s natural to talk things up.  Now I’m uber critical of marketing people and I can sense their wall paper shredding marketing speak from about three miles away.  On the flip side when they work wonders, boy they work wonders.

So techheads, mission one – find a person who can i) understand the drivel that’s coming out of your mouth (I’m including myself here remember, I’m a tech) and ii) can write the words down in the correct manner so your drivel, now prettied up, can be handed to any Thomas, Richard or Harriet and even they can understand what your original drivel does.

Ultimately which would you sign up for?

 ‘a proximity-based, real-time, buyer-powered market,’


“Buy and sell anything with people nearby”