So you’ve had an idea for a killer startup(TM) and you’ll spend evenings, mornings and bus journey’s to make this idea into something. You take all the risk, the initial sweat, a bit of money and a work/life balance that seems a little skewed.  

I think we need to remind ourselves what our startups, projects and schemes are. Nothing more than research and development projects. If you’re lucky, and I mean really lucky, you might have your time repaid when someone comes along and either integrates you into a large system or acquires you outright so you don’t have the sleepless nights anymore.

At best you covered your initial investment, at worst you’ve just done the work for someone else for free not to see the fruit of your labours repaid how you expected. In my ears are the words of @cimota, along the lines of “if it ain’t paying then it’s just a hobby”. He’s right.

I’ve been there and done that. 

The only real way to combat this is to agressively go to market knowing you can pull in a very large user base so you’re either making money or you’re such an easy thing to be acquired that it’s a no brainer. Advice, if Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/Foursquare phone you up then say yes.

Otherwise it’s time to hangup the lab coat and start on something else.