I love Codeacademy, a brilliant idea along at the right time. Can’t fault it at all. What we have to remember in the race to create software developers is that sites like this get the ball rolling, it solves 1% of the actual problem.

Look at me and my 100% in the Python track, I’m a great developer aren’t I? In Python, not really. You see this is me just getting through the exercises to attain the score. Give it a fortnight and I’ll forget 80% of the guts of what was taught to me.

Committing this stuff to muscle memory (a term bassists use where they’re at a position of not needing to think about the finger movements they are about to execute) requires repetitive  use of the language, again and again and again and again…. This is your Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours stuff right here, in your face and the only one who can do it is you.

Reaching the 100% for the 1% is easy, it’s hitting the 100% for the remaining 99% of the journey that counts.

Good luck to y’all I know you can do it.