While the “Children of the Script”, for a polite change to “script kiddies” mock at the Java language and all it’s near monolithic structure let’s remind ourselves of a few things:

  • It’s the backbone of the JVM so all those Scala and Clojure things can work, scale and be concurrent.
  • BigData tools are pretty much written in Java.
  • Android is basically Java with loveliness in XML files.

The irony for the Java language is this, it got real sexy again.  It’s history is rooted in set top boxes, not the web (there’s only so many rippling water applets I can stomach). So GoogleTV marks a bit of a full circle moment giving developers a decent shot of getting apps in front of viewer’s eyeballs.



So while everyone is going on about the two screen viewing experience (the tablet/phone and TV view combo) I’m more exciting about the app in the box.  While developers are screaming at Apple for the Apple TV SDK, though something might happen in June but let’s be honest we’ve been saying that every quarter for years.

So Android developers have sort of got it made if they can play on the fact. Perhaps the “write once run everywhere” thing might just work out.

From gaming to shopping to social response while viewing, there’s quite a lot that could happen here. Oh and it’ll work on your phone too.

So if you think Java’s dead, you’re wrong.