Let’s consider this really quickly…..


I respect this sort of thing being tweeted by @naomhs, on the whole it’s actually a good piece on taking the social media advantage, increasing eyeballs and digital engagement. That’s fine.

Anything with a percentage sign is like catnip to me though, especially when it’s about growth. In fact any press release where an organisation claims to have n% growth gets my attention because I’m always looking for two things, a starting number and an ending number.

For example:

Clicks last month = 10

Clicks this month = 100

Growth is ((this month – last month) / last month) * 100.

So ((100 -10) / 10) * 100 = 900% = DRAFT A PRESS RELEASE!

Even if last months figure was 1 and this month is 10, it’s still a 900% growth rate! DRAFT ANOTHER PRESS RELEASE WITH KITTENS THIS TIME!