The @nitechrank was a simple index to report the changes in programming jobs in Northern Ireland. It wasn’t anything scientific and for all my hailing of the automating of all things possible, meaningless and trivial…. well it was me editing the tweets every morning, with a fresh cup of tea, half asleep and in my dressing gown 99% of the time*. Today I ran the last index as the picture became clear….



The Good News

In linear regression terms the jobs outlook is positive. It slopes upwards over time, not to say that there aren’t down days, the start of June was a bit of a surprise but also was the peak which happened on the day after the referendum. So with a low of 42 jobs and a high of 92 jobs yeah it got a little varied but nothing troubling.

Keep in mind though, the only data source, seems to list larger companies so you can assume with a certain amount of confidence that startups won’t list there and look for developers word of mouth. One of the reasons that Java may favour so highly in the results as a whole.

For Developers

If you are interested in Clojure then the repository for the code is available on my Github¬†account. Take from it what you will, it’s slung together to get the numbers out. Note there’s no support, the README should be clear enough to get things working. I won’t be doing any updates on this repo, it’s just there for anyone one who wants to look. I also included the original shell script that did the ranking originally but only for historical purposes.

For Data Folk

Everyday the NiTechrank updated a CSV file so in the data directory is the CSV data of all the indexes that were run. Have fun with it, I’ve not done any analysis on it.


Yeah, it was a giggle.

*I was dressed for the other 1%