Pi Twitter Sentiment

The Raspberry Pi Twitter Sentiment Server (I really must called RPTSS for short) is an ongoing tutorial on using R, Sqlite and some Python to measure Twitter sentiment on given hashtags.  The project started out as a blog post last year, “Twitter Sentiment Analysis in 30 Seconds“.

Part 1 – Installing R, it’s requirements and the TwitteR library.

Part 2 – Working with OAuth and Twitter.

Part 3 – Installing SQLite3 and using it with R.

Part 4 – Basic sentiment analysis.

Part 5 – Putting it all together

Part 6 – Executing via Cron

Part 7 – Web Server and improvements

If you’re really impatient you can clone the entire codebase from github.


6 thoughts on “Pi Twitter Sentiment

  1. HI! i would like to know if I’m at the right place to look for tutorials on how to use raspberry pi to tweet something automatically? (like linking to a sensor and when the sensor is triggered, it can tweet from my twitter account?) thanks :D

  2. It’s something I’ve wanted to look into from the Pi’s hardware side of things. Will play around and see what I can come up with.

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